Terms and Conditions

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  1. Fees must be paid on time. Term fee is paid as one time payment before the commencement of the term.
  2. All fees paid are Non-Refundable. No request for refund will be entertained.
  3. The minimum payment period is One Term (Ten Classes).
  4. For new students joining after the start of a term, fees will be charged pro-rata.
  5. Any cheque that bounces incurs a $25 fee of which the total must be repaid by cash or direct deposit.
  6. A discount of 5% is offered to family and friends.
  7. Students are expected to attend classes during scheduled time and day to which they are enrolled.
  8. Parents are requested to pick their children on time as soon as the class is over. The centre takes no responsibility before and after the class.
  9. Parents must regularly interact with the facilitator to gauge performance and progress of their children.
  10. Speakers’ Club expects appropriate and positive behaviour from its students at all times. When these expectations are not met a Facilitator will discuss behaviour issues with the parent/guardian. If inappropriate behavior continues and poses threat, harm or continued disruption to others, the student will be asked to leave the programme.
  11. Students who wish to go on leave must submit their leave application to their Facilitator.
  12. Students need to bring the equipment required to the class.
  13. Due to unavoidable reasons a Facilitator reserves the right to cancel a class and reschedule it depending on the decision of the centre.
  14. If a parent wishes to withdraw his/her child at the end of a term he/she will provide at least three (3) weeks written notice.
  15. Re-enrolment from one Term to the next is an automatic procedure.
  16. Speakers’ Club to the fullest extent, is permitted by law, to exclude all liability for any loss, damage or other claim arising from or in any way connected

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    to the attendance of child/children, including without limitation claims relating to personal injury. Hence it has no liability, loss and damage (including direct, indirect and consequential) or any other claim in anyway associated with the attendance of child/children at Speakers’ Club classes.

  17. In case of accidental injury or incident, Speakers’ Club is authorised for any necessary medical treatment and all expenses will be borne by parents/guardian.
  18. Speakers’ Club is allowed to use photographs, videos and digital recordings in any medium, including the website, brochures or for marketing purposes.
  19. All personal information will be stored in accordance with current privacy legislation.
  20. Speakers’ Club reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions at any time. The latest and most current Terms and Conditions will always be displayed on the Notice Board.
  21. Parents are requested to read the above Terms and Conditions carefully and sign on the acceptance below before enrolment of the child.