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  • Regular Program
  • School Program
  • Holiday Program
  • Adult Program
These are weekly lessons that allow students in-depth development and aim at nurturing each student’s individuality and enabling them to reach their full potential.
Classes have a unique structure, and each week there are different challenges and tasks set for our learners.
Topics covered include:
    • Proper posture
    • Eliminating unwanted mannerisms (shuffling, hand-wringing, etc.),
    • Using body language (gesture and facial expressions, use of space, etc.) to enhance presentation,
    • Correct breathing
    • Voice production (projection, tone, pausing, rate, etc.)
    • Articulation
    • Eye contact and actively connecting with an audience.
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  • Effective audience engagement, audience analysis (cultural, social, psychological, etc.), ethics (trust, plagiarism, propriety, free speech and responsibility),
  • Speech structure, dynamic openings, and closing research, using facts and data, types of speeches
  • Anxiety (causes, triggers, relaxation, and confidence).
During each term students are encouraged to progress at their own pace while maintaining a standard of learning, tasks are tailored to be age appropriate and teaching delivery is designed to engage and stimulate. We do this using poetry, role-play, scenario work, public speaking exercises and games and weekly speeches (informative, persuasive, narrative and tributes). We are excited to offer our students the opportunity to take exams with The Australian Speech Communication Association (ASCA). ASCA is an organisation that promotes oral communication and listening skills in educational, professional and social spheres and is recognised by industry leaders Our aim is not to change our budding speakers but to develop strong social skills, problem-solving tools, to be able to work as part of a team as well as individually. We strive to nurture them to reach their full potential, to highlight their strength, minimise weaknesses and give them the tools to be not only effective speakers but also leaders but most importantly to be confident, self-reliant happy individuals with an ability to connect with their peers All classes maintain a non-judgemental dynamic and are designed to create trust and allow for expression of ideas in a fun and safe environment. Click here to enrol now

Our school Programs are designed on a term-by-term basis and tailored to each school’s individual needs. Following a consultation with staff, our facilitators develop a course specially focusing on the needs highlighted in our discussion.

Depending on age level, incursions can either be in half-day, full-day or weekly one-hour long programs.

These classes encourage independence, and our tutors act as facilitators. Classes include a focus area taught at the beginning and followed by actively working with the tools provided to put them into practice and present either individual or group speeches.

Skills learned include speech types, debating basics, research, working as a team, problem-solving, conflict resolution, idea pooling as well as the basic body language, vocal skills, eye contact and overcoming nerves.

Fun exercises and games (role play, interviews, space jump) are used to create an engaging class that keeps our students’ full attention and maximises skill retention.

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Join our Holiday Workshops and learn how to overcome your fear!

These are workshops designed to offer a crash course of public speaking targeting specific areas including types of presentations, delivery, and levels.

Workshops are either half-day or full day as well as longer 5-day camps. The primary purpose of these classes is to lay the foundations for further growth, to boost confidence and create a life-long interest in communication and public speaking.

These workshops are designed in a project-development style, each individual day or camp has a specific objective to stimulate students’ interest and encouraged active participation. Some of the past goals included creating a current affairs program, debates, school or club election, motivations and tributes and for our younger students role play.

At the end of each program, students take away a basic understanding of speech making. They gain the necessary tools (body language, eye contact, voice, structure and dynamic communication) as well as knowledge of the different speech styles, the use of facts and figures, questioning, audience analysis and anxiety and how to minimise its effects (controlling nerves, relaxation, breathing, focus, etc.).

As these are holiday sessions, our aim is to make these classes as engaging and fun as possible while ensuring that valuable life skills are learned.

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This course is designed for adults who are keen to move forward and upward, improve their industry presence, corporate mark and multiply chances of advancement into leadership roles.

These are 60-minute sessions that focus on developing personal brand and class outcomes include:
  • Understanding and developing Personal Branding (Assets, Strengths, Skills and Passions)
  • Improving corporate communication, sales, charisma, as well as team bonding aptitude
  • Acquiring rapport building tools for being popular and approachable instantly
  • Effective networking strategy
  • Interviewing expertise (questioning and answering)
  • Ability to use and read body language
In class we focus on:
  • Confidence
  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Speech structure
  • Types of speeches
  • Dynamic presentation
  • Engaging the audiences and keeping their interest
  • Grasping the fundamental difference between demonstrative, informative, persuasive and entertaining speeches.
  • Demonstrating knowledge, confidence, verbal and non-verbal skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to fit a message within a given time frame
  • Developing effective critical thinking skills
  • Effectively organise thoughts on the spur of the moment for presentation
  • Communication skills in group situations
  • Understanding of speeches through constructive critiquing
  • Effective listening skills through reflective critiquing
  • Improving personal communication skills
  • Identifying individual strengths and communication styles
  • Learning what it means to be grounded.
  • Discovering practical tools to enhance personal presence
  • Learning the ability to engage in difficult conversations
  • Manage conflict through communication.
  • Understanding the communication process.