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You may still have some queries about how Speakers’ Club can help your child. Here are the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. These will give you a clear idea of whether or not

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our programs are for you.

Q) Why should my child become a better speaker?

By mastering the skill of public speaking, they will become better leaders and grow in confidence. They will also build higher self-esteem, learn new ways to work in teams and discover how to persuade and influence people. By joining Speakers’ Club, your child develops both the crucial skill of being able to speak as well as some incredibly powerful life skills..

Q) How does being a better speaker help my child become a natural leader?

All great leaders are great speakers. Every brilliant leader, whether in business, politics, sport or culture is an inspiring presenter. It certainly is no coincidence. Having the ability to speak confidently and getting people to follow means being able to influence and persuade others.They will also develop the courage to follow their convictions. Excellent communication skills are a trait of all leaders, and when your child embraces public speaking, they will be ready to turn into effective leaders..

Q) How does being a better speaker help my child become more confident?

Being able to talk confidently in front of others requires steady nerves. And by mastering the skill of public speaking children develop a tremendous amount of confidence in far less time than, for example learning a musical instrument or being good at a sport. They also learn how to set and achieve goals, and persuade and influence others. Plus they grow as people, develop a positive mindset and become excellent at making decisions under pressure..

Q) Will you just be getting my child up to talk in front of others, or is there more to it?

There’s much more to it than this. Your child will learn how to set goals and work towards them. They will take part in role-playing in situations which require different communication skills. They will watch short videos of excellent speeches, then analyze what made them so good before using the same techniques themselves..

Q) How does this help my child make more friends?

Sadly many incredible children struggle to make friends. Often they are too shy to join in, too introverted to speak. Often they are so anxious that they don’t act naturally in front of new people. If they cannot communicate their thoughts and opinions confidently to the other children, they may feel left out and end up being alone. Being confident and able to speak and communicate means fitting in naturally with new friends and becoming an important part of many different friendship circles..

Q) How does this help my child academically?

Being a confident speaker helps children academically in many ways.Some children are too shy to ask their teacher or tutor for help and end up falling behind. They are also able to communicate their questions more clearly and get more helpful answers as a result. Children who speak up more, are more active in class and express their opinions clearly, grow in confidence and approach their schoolwork in a more positive way. They fall in love with their schoolwork and become more enthusiastic and engaged learners..

Q) Why is 5 - 15 the perfect age to develop these skills?

This age is the ideal time for children to develop these skills. They are open to new ideas and can quickly adopt new habits and behaviors. As children get older, they are affected more by peer group pressure and may be less open to positive changes. They can develop inhibitions about speaking in front of groups, and older teenagers often develop negative mindsets about successful behaviors. This makes 5 -15 the perfect age for them to develop these skills..

Q) Is Speakers’ Club only for children who are focussed on leadership success?

Absolutely not.All children have enormous potential, much of which is never realized. Speakers’ Club helps all children fulfill their massive potential, no matter where they are right now..

Q) I have a lot of things on already. Why is this more important than the rest?

Sport and art are great ways to develop these skills. However, with so many technical skills involved, it takes a lot longer to develop leadership skills and grow in confidence. It can take years for someone to become excellent at these pursuits. Public speaking is different. Your child will experience rapid progress and gain these essential life skills in an accelerated fashion. They can then transfer these skills to their sporting, artistic or academic pursuits..

Q) Do you offer one on one teaching?

No, you can’t teach speaking in a one-on-one setting. Naturally, we help each child individually with their specific needs; however, all our lessons are conducted in groups. Unless students consistently speak in front of others, they will never get a feel for how others react. Nor will they overcome their nerves. Group settings are far better than one-on-one teaching..

Q) My child loves talking in front of others already. Do they really need this program?

Absolutely. Speakers’ Club is for children of all abilities. If your child is already a confident speaker, they will move to a whole new level. It’s a rare chance for them to be pushed to hone their leadership skills and uncover their potential. Children like yours will learn new ways to influence, persuade and lead through speaking. They’ll acquire astonishing skills they would never learn anywhere else. No matter where your child is at, there is always room for improvement. And that’s what Speakers’ Club is all about. Helping your child succeed and doing their best..

Q) My child is an introvert. Will they struggle in your program?

It’s a common misconception that shy children will struggle in a program like this. The exact opposite is true. Being an excellent communicator means feeling comfortable. We help children become confident speaking in front of other people in a safe and fun environment. Better still, these skills mean a shy child will no longer feel uncomfortable, anxious or embarrassed in front of others..

I hope this answered your questions.

If you have any other questions, or you would like to find out more, simply call us on +(02) 8883 0750 and we will happily answer your queries.