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Speakers’ Club involves a lot more than just a public speaking. It provides children with life-long skills. It helps children flourish and reach their full leadership potential.

By becoming a confident speaker, your child also builds self-confidence, teamwork skills, problem-solving abilities, critical and analytical thinking, empathy, resilience and the gift of making friends more easily.

They will have more meaningful friendships.

They will be happier, more content at school and enjoy their extra-curricular activities more.

Furthermore, they will possess the poise and presence of mind to think and act decisively.

By teaching independence and decisiveness, Speakers’ Club also makes their students resilient in the face of negative influences from television, social media, and their classmates.

Speakers’ Club allows children to develop a positive self-image by setting and achieving ambitious, yet very achievable goals.

Speakers’ Club students develop lifelong skills to help them as they rise to new challenges, achieve more at school and start successful careers.

Whether your child is ready to step up as a leader, become more confident and able to make friends with ease, Speakers’ Club will help them soar to new heights.

What Speakers’ Club Is Not About

The Speakers’ Club is not for everyone.

Speakers’ Club is not a drama class. Speakers’ Club gives children the skills to flourish in real-life, not fictional scenarios. Although role play is used in our classes, it is with the aim of preparing students for practical non-fictional life in the real world.

Speakers’ Club does not provide one-on-one coaching. While each child is given the personal help they need, formal individual sessions are not available. The best way for children to become more confident in front of others is to get up, to try, to practise and do it over and over in front of a captive receptive and supportive audience. There’s no substitute for the real thing.

So, who is Speakers’ Club for?

Speakers’ Club is here for every parent who wants to give their child the best start in life.

Speakers’ Club is here to help your child develop leadership skills, grow in stature and confidence and get the most out of life.

And the outcome? Happier, more confident and more successful kids.

What Should You Do Now?

Your next step is to call us and talk about how Speakers’ Club will help your child.

You’ll know exactly how we can help, how the program works and we will answer any questions you may still have. This way you can decide for yourself whether the program will enhance your child's talents and sharpen their abilities.

In our experience, every child benefits from being a confident speaker and communicator.

They don’t need to be 'a natural’ to be a great speaker. Any child can become an excellent and confident communicator with the right help.